Friday, July 6, 2007

MENTORS: How to find one, and what to say!

Post your questions about a mentor for your project. Earth/environmental science educators will read your questions and post comments with suggestions. If you have experience working with mentors, share your thoughts about how to help them help you make your project a success.

SHARE Your Success Stories

Post comments to this thread sharing your stories of success, however small. Help build the excitement that comes from learning about and protecting a part of planet Earth.

TEACHERS: Share Your Thoughts

Describe your questions about how to support your students engaged in projects as comments to this posting. Browse questions posed by others, provide suggestions when you can, and check back for comments to your questions.

STUDENTS: Share Ideas and Questions

Post your project idea or question as a comment to this thread. Be sure to check back in a few days for any comments. Browse the ideas and questions others post and see if you can offer some advice.

TIPS and HINTS on Creating, Planning, and Carrying Out Your Project

Contribute strategies for successfully creating, planning, and completing a research and/or service project. Whether you have a complete project planning outline or just a thoughtful hint or tip, please post your ideas as comments to this thread. Thanks.